FortressCable V-Series

Quick and easy to install pre-assembled cable railing panels.

(Shown: Level Vertical Cable Railing Panels with Fe26 2″ post and Fe26 2″ Pressed Dome Caps, Universal Bracket, and Cable Railing Flat Accent Top Rail)

Cable Made. Fortress™ Simple.

FortressTM Railing Products set out on a mission…create the first vertical cable railing system in the industry—and we’ve succeeded. Now Fortress™ Railing Products Cable Railing is not only affordable, but anyone can install it. The sleek top and bottom rail make this option a great choice for style and function.

Features & Benefits

  • 1st Panelized Vertical Cable Railing Panel in the Cable Railing industry
  • Pre-assembled for ease of installation
  • 316 Marine-grade stainless steel cable and components
  • Use with wood, composite, vinyl or Fortress™ Railing Products iron posts
  • FortressShield coated utilizing advanced automotive coating process to resist rust and corrosion

Virtually Maintenance Free

Cable Railing is virtually maintenance free, which translates into more time enjoying your fortress and less time maintaining it! Tension your system during install and enjoy, unlike with competitors products where you will tension your system on a regular basis. Also, we coat our products with durable, multi-layered anti-corrosion coating technology adopted from the high-end automotive industry, which translates into virtually maintenance free and long lasting railing products.

Premium Finish

FortressTM Railing Products Cable Railing is available in Black Sand finish.

Black Sand

Code Testing

FortressTM Railing Products is committed to rigorous, continual code testing, so you can feel secure that your railing will withstand the toughest elements.

Vertical Cable Railing Panels with Fe26 Universal Brackets and Fe26 Posts
Vertical Cable Railing Panels with Fe26 Universal Brackets and Wood Posts
Fe26 Posts (2′ and 3″) Stand-Alone Posts Test (200 lb force)

It is the responsibility of the installer to meet all code and safety requirements, and to obtain all required documentation for building permits. The deck and railing installer should determine and implement appropriate installation techniques for each installation situation. The installer should ensure all testing documentation satisfactorily complies with the local authority having jurisdiction. The Fortress Company, Fortress Railing Products nor its distributors shall be held liable for improper or unsafe installations.

ICC — International Code Council
AC273 — Acceptance Criteria for Handrails and Guards (Railing)
IRC (International Residential Code) — Single Family 1&2 Story Dwelling (ICC-ES AC273)
IBC (International building code) — All-Use Groups (Commercial / Multi-Family) (ICC-ES AC273)
OBC (Ontario Building Code) — Guards serving not more than 2 Dwelling Units
ABC (Alberta Building Code) — Guards serving not more than 2 Dwelling Units
NBCC (National Building Code of Canada) — Guards serving not more than 2 Dwelling Units
BCBC (Building Code of British Columbia) — Guards serving not more than 2 Dwelling Units