Safety Handrails for Outdoor Steps: Tips for Keeping the Elderly Safe

Being able to make it up and down the stairs is something we take for granted when we’re young. But as we get older, the ability to see, grip, and support oneself with a handrail becomes more important. A lot of people add handrails to stairs for code compliance reasons but it’s important to remember […]

The Benefits of Aluminum Deck Railings: A Great Choice for Traditional Style Homes

I love the warm and inviting feel of traditional style homes. While modern designs have a clean aesthetic, they often lack the personal, homey feel that a Craftsman or cozy Tudor style house has. Traditional homes are a little hard to define because they use many different styles of architecture, but they all have functionality […]

LED Lighting for Your Stair Railings Adds Ambiance to Your Stair Area

LED lighting is all the rage these days; to me, at least, it seems like it’s everywhere. But lighting for ambiance is more than just pretty–it’s there for safety. A poorly lit stairway at night could turn into a serious injury for you or one of your guests. Adding LED lighting to your stairs can […]

Choosing and Installing Outdoor Railings for Stone Steps

I used to pretend that I lived in a castle when I was little, and I sometimes even daydream about it as an adult. Castles are the home of royalty and riches, after all, and what better place to keep it all safe than a towering structure made of stone? That’s probably why I like […]

Easy Handrail Installation Using Innovative Features Means Less Time on the Job

A few jobs back, I was doing a big house remodeling project that expanded to include fixing the large decking area out back. The number one item on my list of repairs was fixing some highly unstable handrails. Installed only a few years before, the bolts that held the brackets onto the wooden railing had […]