Ipe Deck Railing Options to Harmonize with Your Tropical Hardwood Deck

When it comes to wood decking, I love the gorgeous, rich look of ipe. The Brazilian hardwood has a deep reddish brown hue that can transform an outdoor space into an elegant tropical paradise. But besides its beautiful color, it’s also pretty resilient. In fact, the famous Coney Island boardwalk was constructed out of ipe […]

Railings for Handicap Ramps: ADA Compliant Doesn’t Have to Mean Ugly

I’ve worked on several new school projects over the years, and one aspect that should always be at the forefront of a design is whether or not the building is handicap accessible. Compliance with the American Disabilities Act (ADA) is always one of the first items that comes up in meetings, especially when discussing entrance […]

The Best Railing for a View Is Minimal and Suits Its Setting

Maintaining a view while still having something sturdy to lean on is one of the simpler descriptions of a railing’s job. Case in point, a client of mine had just bought a 4-plex of condos that sat high on a ridge, overlooking the city below and the mountains in the distance. All of the main […]

Choosing a Residential Exterior Glass Railing System for Your Project

Designing an outdoor space for a building requires consideration for not only the exterior architectural elements and color scheme of the building, but also the owners’ or renters’ desire to have a versatile space that is durable and safe. While a lot of architects may lean on the side of caution and choose outdoor pallets […]

Creating a Virtually Frameless Glass Railing for a Balcony

An old college friend of mine wanted to add a bit of drama to a very narrow house in Southern California. As it was a townhouse, they didn’t have room for a big deck or porch. Instead, they wanted to build a small balcony, to create a spot to enjoy the skyline and relax at […]

If You’re Choosing a Railing for a Flat Roof, Consider a Side Mount System

Once upon a remodeling project, a friend and colleague asked me to come over to their project site to help with a “small emergency.” As I walked into the newly remodeled garage living area, I looked up to find water dripping down the walls. While bolting down railings onto the rooftop patio, my friend was […]