When Is It Time to Replace Your Deck Railing?

Nothing lasts forever. That’s what I told a friend who asked for advice on a wobbly deck railing. Turns out, that wobbly deck railing was beyond saving and needed to be replaced entirely. His problem was that he chose wood, and generally, wood railings have a short shelf life. Over time, sun, rain, wind, and […]

The Best Railings for a Narrow Staircase: Saving Space on Stairs with Fascia Mounts

If you’re a contractor or architect, you’ve probably been frustrated before about how much building space the numerous staircases required for multi-level dwellings take up. Buildings like apartments and condos often have lots of stairways, so these stairways are designed to be as unobtrusive as possible, allowing only enough room to meet local codes. While […]

The Best Balcony Railing Designs Are Easy to Install and Offer Customization

Any developer, architect, or contractor knows that balconies are often something of an afterthought–they’re a selling point, but they typically don’t receive any special treatment or anything unusual in the way of design. Yet balconies are desirable outdoor living areas that typically use a minimum of space. This makes them a great way to add […]

For Porch Lights That Don’t Attract Bugs, Try Railing-Mounted LEDs

Ambiance is a word that describes a relaxing and happy atmosphere. That’s what a friend of mine was going for when she added a bunch of lights to her porch. They were supposed to create a nice glow. Instead, they drew a horde of mosquitoes and other pests that drove her and her guests inside […]

How to Choose a Child Safe Balcony Railing That Gives Peace of Mind

In 2015, little three-year-old Freddie Coulton from East Sussex, UK slipped between the balusters on a balcony railing and fell ten feet. The poor boy landed on carpeting in the historic Lewes Town Hall, and thankfully (and miraculously!) walked away with little more than a few bruises. It doesn’t always end that happily. In the […]

Curved Deck Railing Ideas That Don’t Require a Custom System

I’ve worked for a few people who wanted a deck that really stood out and felt elegant; specifically, they wanted a curved deck. One thing I’ve noticed is that those who decide to put curved decks in tend to underestimate the costs. Flooring and framing a curved deck requires custom systems and advanced plans. I […]

Tips on Installing Handrails on Brick Steps with Minimal Hassle

I had a friend with a frustrating problem. He was trying to install a handrail on a set of brick steps but every time he drilled into them to anchor the railing, the brick started to crack. That’s a common and annoying issue with brick. It can be a bit more delicate than other materials […]

The Best Railing for Garage Steps Isn’t Necessarily Wood

A trend I’ve seen in new build construction is the tendency to set garages four feet or so below the level of the main floor of the house, which calls for a short set of stairs to lead from the garage into the house (often the kitchen or the mudroom). Because of code considerations, as […]

Easily Update Your Deck Railing with Side Mount Iron Balusters

I’ve always loved iron balusters for adding a touch of glamour to a project. They have a sophisticated, old-world look that’s highly customizable. You can err on the simpler side with straight up-and-down designs or you can add some complexity with balusters that are curved or have twists in them. Iron balusters also have the […]