Cable Deck Railing Code Requirements You Need to Know Before Installation

There’s probably nothing in the world more frustrating than going through all the trouble of installing a new railing onto your deck only to fail your inspection. That happened to a client of mine a while back who decided to install his own cable railing. Cable railing is a bit tricky, as a lot of […]

Railings That Don’t Need Painting Make a Perfect Fit for Apartment Complexes

My college apartment was well maintained, but very old. It had steel railings up the exterior stairs and around the balconies, but after twenty years of flaking, being repainted, and spot repairs it was common to grab hold of the railing and come away with a giant chunk of paint. Even when that didn’t happen, […]

Outdoor Craftsman-Style Railings Enhance Classic Architecture

If you’ve ever seen Back to the Future then you are at least passingly familiar with the American Craftsman style. The wild-haired time traveler Dr. Brown’s family home is filmed in two of the most triumphant examples of this architectural style. California’s Gamble House provided the exterior while interior shots took place at the larger […]

Industrial Chic Railings for a Loft Make Your Space Safe and Attractive

Having nearly fallen from a loft due to a poorly designed wooden railing, I know firsthand the importance of sturdy railings for a loft! The issue of what railings to use in a loft is becoming more and more relevant as loft remodels and installations of new loft spaces, especially in remodeled warehouses, become more […]

Blocking the Wind with a Deck Railing Windbreak

I have friends all over the country, and now that our twenties are behind us, we’ve all begun to settle into homes from Georgia to Colorado to Oregon. One of the things I’ve noticed as I make my rounds visiting my friends is that those whose homes have the most spectacular views also have the […]

Railings for Retaining Walls: Combining Industrial Strength and Elegance

When I was a teenager I actually walked right off a retaining wall. Distracted by the starry sky above, I took a step and soon found myself falling somewhere between 7 and 10 feet onto the sandy beach below. Amazingly, I walked away completely unscathed, but not everyone has that kind of luck! Retaining walls […]

Railings for Garden Steps: Choose a Style You Can Install and Forget

One of my favorite projects in my contracting/garden career was the revitalization of an ancient garden that cascaded down a hill through an exceptionally large backyard. Much like the secret garden, it was slightly dilapidated, and the stone and masonry steps that wound their way through the yard badly needed some kind of railing system. […]

Farmhouse Porch Railings: Styles That Will Bring the Look of Your Home Together

I have a problem. I’m in my mid-thirties and I’ve stayed a bachelor. My friends haven’t. This means that I never see them save for quick visits where their wives dictate the social agenda. Our time is spent discussing how we are and looking at cute pictures of friends’ and friends of friends’ children. Too […]