Steel Vs. Aluminum Railings: Choosing the Metal That Works Best for Your Home

There are two metals that are a big part of our everyday lives, and they each have a personality. Steel is the sort that wears work boots and does repairs around the house on the weekends. It’s rugged and dependable. Aluminum wears skinny jeans and shows up at the local hipster coffee shop around noon […]

The Best Material for Balcony Railings in Residential Complexes

Most apartment managers don’t have a history in construction, and it can get them in trouble in ways that they may not have expected. Balcony railings, for instance, are generally an afterthought for those that manage apartments, condos, and other multi-family residential units. Generally, more attention is paid to the paint on the walls than […]

Replacing Wood Deck Balusters With Metal Ones for an Easy Deck Refresh

Last weekend, I made an effort to get out to one of the local haunts around my city, a bar downtown whose gimmick is being on a rooftop deck. You’re probably familiar with the decor: a lot of pressure-treated lumber topped off with gas torches for light, and, as winter falls more deeply, warmth. I […]

Railings for Gazebos That Stand out from the Herd

Mention gazebos to the average person and there’s a chance they’ll picture an African grazing ungulate dashing across the savanna. Those who know that gazebos are actually structures will invariably each picture the same type of octagonal structure with a tiered roof. This may be because the majority of gazebos are built from either purchased […]

Choose Sturdy Railings for an Elevated Deck That Preserve Space

The challenge of getting more use out of smaller spaces has been one of the main thrusts of my building practice for the past decade or so. If there is a nook or cranny that can be utilized, I will work with my clients to make use of it. One project that’s popular for its […]

Railings for the Front Steps Should Look Great and Stay That Way

Having lived in several cities during real estate booms, I’ve had plenty of requests to spruce up a home’s curb appeal. Apart from the paint job and the front garden, the railings on the front porch and particularly on the front steps are some of the most important on the whole property. Functionally, the steps […]

Building a Freestanding Deck Railing: Considerations for Safety and Stability

A guy I knew when I lived in Texas wanted to build a deck for his hunting cabin, but he had a problem. His cabin was a modified mobile home. With no foundation, it didn’t have the structural integrity needed to support the deck. But what he didn’t have in structure integrity he made up […]

Wind Blocking Deck Railing Ideas That Don’t Ruin Your View

While a patio or balcony might be great for a view, sometimes they put you right in the path of the wind. This was the case at a friend of mine’s beachside place. She had a great view, but she couldn’t enjoy it at certain times of year because of the wind. She was considering […]

Opening Your Home to the View with Minimalist Balcony Railings

A friend who hails from England invited me to his home recently. On the basis of accents, I expected his home to be hewn stone and have a thatched roof, and I braced myself to wear the pantaloons I was going to be presented with at the door (although I was looking forward to trying […]