Wrought Iron-Look Railings for Victorian Houses Complement a Classic Style

Victorian is a term you hear real estate agents throw around a lot. The term refers to Queen Victoria, who reigned the UK from 1837 to 1901 during the height of the industrial revolution. Victoria’s was a long reign, and the reason you hear her name so much in reference to buildings is that many […]

Mid-Century Modern Deck Railings Bring Any Home a Sleek and Timeless Look

When one of my oldest friends bought his home, he was a bachelor, and he didn’t expect much from his house other than it keep the water out and have a working cable package. He managed to keep this attitude even when he got married and for several years afterward. With a brand new infant […]

Railings for Front Porches That Invite Neighbors to Stay for a Chat

When I left college behind and bought my own home, I started to get restless. After a few months of spending my Friday nights at home and my weekends following my college friends’ social media feeds, it dawned on me that I was lonely. I made an effort to get out, but it was expensive. […]

On Downtown Properties, Railings for Roof Terraces Keep Customers and Property Safe

Nearly everyone dreams of the lights downtown. There’s something about being in the center of the city that screams success. When one of my oldest friends found success early in life, she turned her eye to personal satisfaction in the form of a rented hole-in-the-wall with adjacent outdoor space on the terrace of one of […]

Outdoor Deck Gate Ideas to Keep Pets and Children Safe

It seems like every time a friend of mine gets married and buys a home, the first thing they and their spouse do is get a puppy. Usually, after the puppy is grown, the couple then announces that they’re expecting their first child. Obviously, there is a link. This isn’t a surprise. Puppies and infants […]

Aluminum Railings Vs. Cable Railings for Modern Apartment Complexes

I was in college when a brand new luxury apartment complex downtown was completed. It was the most luxurious address in the city, and when a girl I went to class with expressed interest in the place, I managed to score both of us a viewing in order to impress her, even though there was […]

When to Choose Aluminum Railing Systems for Decks

My first experience with aluminum was in welding school. When attempting an aluminum weld I forgot to reverse the polarity on my machine. The result was that I vaporized most of two pieces of aluminum. Electrical current normally flows from positive to negative (ground), but welding aluminum requires the opposite. On my second attempt, I […]

Glass Staircase Railings Give Homes an Infusion of Modern Style

The little sister of one of my oldest friends is the youngest of five children, and when she turned eighteen and enrolled in college, her parents happily signed over the deed to their home to her and left for warmer climates. Now that she’s graduated and has a full-time career, she wants to update the […]

Aluminum Railing That Looks Like Wrought Iron

You probably have a relative like my uncle. You know the type: the eternal bachelor. The uncle or aunt who was cool—especially when you were a teenager—but lately you’ve come to worry about. They’re the middle-aged relative who shows up to Thanksgiving dinner in a heavy metal t-shirt with a couple of store-bought pies and […]