Easy Deck Railing Project Ideas to Increase Your Home Value

Getting ready to sell your home is a lot of work. There are a million things to think about, from replacing the bathroom tiles to repainting the walls, and sometimes even doing a large-scale renovation. In the midst of chaos and disarray, it’s easy to overlook the smaller projects that, when done right, can make […]

Brownstone Iron Railing Adds Elegance to Stairs and Decks

Over the holidays I got to see many old friends across the country. In Texas, I visited a friend in the Brownstone development near Austin; in Alabama, I drove past a place called The Brownstones on the Gulf; in Charleston, I stayed overnight with a friend in a development called the Carolina Brownstones. I mentioned […]

Sturdy and Family-Friendly Rustic Railing Ideas

When my friend bought his A-frame home in the woods there was a lot to work to do. The house needed remodeling and the land needed some clearing. He decided to kill two birds with one stone, and after some tree cutting, debarking, and trimming, he became the proud owner of all-wood railings both inside […]

Practical Outdoor Glass Stair Railings That Don’t Require Custom Cutting

A couple I know had their pick of homes at incredible prices during the recession. Ultimately, they ended up with a house on a hill that has a spectacular view over a river valley. It’s built with a retaining wall effectively forming the edge of their huge back patio. This rear deck can be accessed […]

Condo Balcony Railings That Install Quickly and Don’t Rust

Many years ago, with the ink still drying on his Associates of Science Degree and a kid on the way, one of my friends moved into a condo with a loan from his parents. It was managed, as most are, by a homeowners association. After a series of fees levied against my friend over the […]

Finding Low Maintenance Porch Railings for Family Homes

It’s a busy world. I’m a bachelor, and between work, keeping up with friends and family, and trying to keep my car running, even I don’t have a lot of time for home improvements and repair. When I get the opportunity to visit my friends with children, they always start off apologizing for how the […]

How Tight Should Cable Railings Be?

One of my friends—a guy I used to work with on construction projects—had me over to his house the other night for an evening of board games. During one of the many times his brother was trying to make sense of the rules of the game, we retired to the back porch, where I noticed […]

What Is the Easiest Deck Railing to Install?

I first met my friend Ethan in college French class when I was in my third year and he was in his first. I graduated the next year, but we stayed in touch as he went on to study for his master’s. Since I was the only one he knew who had experience in construction, […]

The Best Paint for Metal Railings? It Isn’t Actually Paint

I used to be a welder in a shop dedicated to custom-made ornamental wrought iron. It was a small company with two welders and a painter working out of a single space. After assembling a section, I would carry it by hand to the painter. While I was waiting for the welds to cool, I […]